ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bra-Lettes Show It Off

Whoever said showing a little skin is too scandalous must have known absolutely nothing about what a bralette can do for an outfit. This (somewhat) tiny article of clothing has changed the way woman are dressing in numerous ways. A bralette used to be known as the undergarment that young girls wore before they fit into an actual bra. Now, it has been transformed into a uniquely detailed, stylish and more comfortable than ever fashion statement and females of every age are wearing it.

Lets say you buy a new shirt that is backless or off the shoulder, but you have the issue of an unappealing bra strap or clasp in the back; you could try a bandeau but it sometimes overwhelms the look of the shirt and could still potentially have strap issues. Bralettes have been designed in hundreds of different styles, colors and fabrics to complement any kind of outfit you’re trying to rock that shows a little skin. A bralette can also be worn if your just trying to have some detail show by your neckline. Some even choose to wear them for comfort as well.

Many have the misconception that bralettes fall more into the summer category of clothing articles, but they just don’t realize how to pair with fall pieces. This Fashionista shows exactly how to bring a bralette to the sweater-weather time of the year. She rocked the perfect example of how to “show it off” by pairing this long-sleeve, gray sweater shirt with leggings and booties also accessorizing the outfit to the T. But my favorite/the most important aspect of this outfit is that, once the Fashionista turned around, the outfit became so much more than an accessorized sweater and booties combination. This backless sweater shirt, accompanied by her triangular bralette, allows her to “show it off,” but also keeps it classy. It adds the perfect touch of detail to complete the outfit.

How To: There is definitely a line to be drawn when too much skin is visible, but just because its fall, doesn’t mean we have to keep it all bundled up. Find a top that shows some skin either off the shoulder or across the back. Throw on a unique bralette to add some detail and show it off. This look can be paired with bottoms of all different kinds; it’s about trying it on and seeing what feels best on you.