ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bowling For Hats

The bowler hat has been a staple in fashion history for decades, particularly in menswear. However, it hasn’t been until recent years that women have taken these trends and added their own feminine twists. Still, how can such an old fashioned hat become such a huge trend?

The answer is simple: Pair it with something a bit more fashion-forward. Bowler hats are known to be very formal, old fashioned and stiff, so mix things up a bit by pairing it with something completely different.

This Fashionista certainly got that memo! Going for a graphic T-shirt and plaid shirt, her look pays homage to the latest fashion comeback: ’90s grunge. Her platform boots give her more of a modern, high fashion feel. Notice the placement of her plaid shirt, too. That wasn’t by chance. By tying that shirt around her waist, she’s given shape and definition to an otherwise “boxy” looking top.

Finally, let’s not forget her bowler hat. Without it, this Fashionista’s overall look wouldn’t seem complete. The hat adds sophistication to an otherwise very casual look. It’s also a perfect piece to transition into fall. Hats are a great way to protect hair from harsh, cold winds. Why not go with something small, sturdy and stylish like a bowler hat?

How To: Still unsure if a bowler hat is something you can pull off? Start simple. Pair it with your favorite jeans and blouse, or a simple dress before pulling-out all the stops. This will help you gain the confidence to not only rock a bowler hat, but any other hat you may want to wear in the future.