With the weather heating up in Florida, it seems as though most college students around campus are opting for the typical T-shirt and a pair of running shorts. That’s why when I saw this Fashionista, she immediately stood out from the crowd. It’s clear to see that she didn’t just roll out of bed. She put careful thought and effort into her outfit, which is something we Netflix binging college students can surely admire and should take note of.

This Fashionista rocked multiple trends like knee-high socks, cat eye glasses, a flannel wrapped around her waist and my personal favorite; a bowler hat which I felt complemented her pixie haircut perfectly. The hat trend is huge right now, and the bowler hat is a quirky and fun take on this trend. The bowler hat is known for being a timeless British fashion accessory dating back to the 1800s.

This Fashionista paired a bunch of basic pieces together like a skirt, a black scoop neck T-shirt and boots, but she made the outfit all her own by adding the bowler hat. The hat brings a cool aura of mystery to the look. Who wouldn’t want to channel modern day Nancy Drew vibes into their wardrobe?

How To: The bowler hat is a very versatile wardrobe staple. Wear it with your favorite trapeze dress in the summer or add a black bowler hat to a layered look of black jeans and an oversized gray sweater for the winter. You’ll be feeling fabulous and turning heads when you don this Charlie Chaplin-inspired accessory!