ALL IN THE DETAILS: Borrowed From The Boys

Dresses are the uniform of womanhood. I enjoy wearing one as much as the next girl, but sometimes find myself becoming jealous of the effortless nature of a boy’s wardrobe. This Fashionista decided to take some clothing inspiration from menswear. Who doesn’t love a good baggy button-down and trousers every once in a while? There is an easy way to borrow from the boys without looking like one of the boys: accessorize.

The key element to this Fashionista’s outfit is all in the belt. By tucking in her chambray shirt into the khaki-colored trousers and cinching it at the waist with a brown leather belt, the outfit takes on a more feminine feel. Using a belt is a simple trick to balance out more masculine pieces. She further feminizes the look with some color-blocked sandals and mix and matched rings. She ties the look together with a leather watch that matches her belt.

How To: Just got an oversized shirt from a thrift store that is less than flattering? It is no longer a problem when you have a simple leather belt. Just tuck your shirt into a pair of fitted trousers or a skirt and cinch the belt around your waist. If the shirt is particularly long, you can even wear it over a pair of black leggings and tie the belt around your waist. Have some extra fun with the way you tie the belt by knotting it instead of using the buckle. The fun thing about borrowing from the boys is that you can create your own rules.