ALL IN THE DETAILS: Booking it in Boots

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Booking it in Boots

I spotted this Fashionista making her way home from class in the loveliest ’60s style boots I ever did see.  I had immediate Brady Bunch flashbacks, and I’m no medical expert, but as soon as I laid my eyes upon these timeless beauties, I swear I had heart palpitations.  It was vintage love at first sight.

As it turned out, this Fashionista was a pro at styling vintage pieces.  She scored her suede shoes from a vintage store four years ago, and her statement necklace was actually handmade by her grandparents . This Fashionista created a modern-vintage hybrid look by pairing her boots with a wide sleeved, blue and white floral cropped top and a button front, burgundy corduroy skirt. One of my favorite part of this look is the colors this Fashionista played with that seem to work together effortlessly.  She matched her statement necklace to the burgundy in her skirt and tied the blue hues together with an oversized chambray shirt.

These boots are so much more than just a cool find or something to consume my thoughts, haunting me even in my sleep until I can achieve my very own pair. They represent one of my favorite aspects of fashion in the sense that trends are constantly being recycled and sometimes, without even knowing it, we are wearing a little part of history.  Today, the ’90s are all that and a bag of chips, but in 10 years we may have a full-blown Juicy Couture velour tracksuit epidemic on our hands…but probably not. The pieces we currently overlook in our closet may be worth keeping around because one of them could be the future’s hottest trend–or at least that’s what I tell the concerned people who look at my hoarded clothing I never wear and question my sanity.

These boots were the highlight of this Fashionista’s look for class, but they would also be killer for a night out. Whether you’re going to dinner or having a a girl’s night with friends, these boots can be the perfect addition to a whole new look. Pair them with a leather mini skirt and a crop top (extra points for bell sleeves), or even a little black dress for a fun evening look with a vintage flare.