April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Mother Nature doesn’t do us any favors here on the East Coast. There is no predicting when Mr. Sun in going greet us with his shining rays or when the rain or wind will rear his ugly head. There is perpetual confusion on what is weather appropriate when waking up and putting together a killer outfit. This Fashionista ties in the perfect elements from both the spring and winter to pull together a cohesive and effortless look.

Neutrals are the perfect blank canvas to further express yourself. There is no right or wrong way to put together neutrals. This week’s Fashionista seems to be an expert with her monochromatic pairings. Her ensemble is simple yet packs a punch without being outrageous. I love that even though it is the warmest it’s been all season, she didn’t jump the gun and shoot for her summer wardrobe. The color palette is black based and keeps the outfit classic and chic. She starts with a floral sundress as her base layer and adds a light knit sweater on top for a light layer that can be removed if she gets too hot. The length of the dress is just right, giving a flirty fit as well as being effortless and flowy enough to run around campus.

Generally, when I think floral prints, I think about small, bright flowers. In this look, there is a daring change concentrating on a strong neutral print. The daisy print on the dress is both bold and muted. It is a large and loud print, yet when paired with the black sweater, socks and shoes, the intensity of the print becomes more whimsical. Her buckled black bootie pairing is the perfect addition to her sundress. The calf-high socks are the only accessory in the look and do a marvelous job of extending the look of her legs. These types of socks are tricky; they can either make you look long and lean or short and stumpy. Here they hit her legs right above the shin, and especially paired with her solid black bootie, her legs look amazing!

Florals, no matter what the weather is like, are appropriate. It is finding the right pattern, print and accessories that will help dress it up or down!

How To: Not a flower fan? Don’t worry. Small floral prints often times can look abstract and when paired with basics they are just like any other print and will make a statement.