ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bold and Blazin'

We all have that one unique piece in our closet that we love to wear as a statement piece. I feel that blazers can make an outfit pop by adding some sass, sophistication, color and by simply tying the whole look together. Blazers can come in all different types of colors, cuts and lengths. They are especially great to throw on when you have that one particular pant or shirt with patterns that you have no idea what to wear with. Blazers can be worn with many different pieces besides slacks so you do not always have to stick with that. You can also pair them with denim jeans to dress up your causal look.

This Fashionista is wearing her blazer over the shoulder, which is a trending way to wear your blazer. But the cool thing about this blazer is the cut. The cut of this blazer is meant for you to wear over your shoulders without the blazer falling or sliding off. It has sleeves on the inside where you would normally put your arms to fully wear the blazer, but instead your arms hang free on the sides. This gives the illusion that the blazer is simply resting on your shoulders. This is called the cape blazer and is a fun new way to wear the over the shoulder style.

This Fashionista completes her ensemble by adding a black patterned crop top along with a pair of cream colored slacks. The red kitten heel pumps assist with the red blazer, tying the whole look together from head to toe.

How To: Want a more casual look? Add a graphic T-shirt with a pair of denim jeans and throw on some flats. Then add your statement piece blazer and your look is complete.