Day by day, the weather here in Tuscaloosa is getting cooler, and that means the return of things we love dearly such as pumpkin spice lattes and cardigans. While most have no problem making the transition, a few of us are holding on to summer as much as we possibly can. This Fashionista made a bold statement this week, and it is making some of us wish we had gotten some true closure with our favorite summer trends.

This Fashionista looked stunning in a high-waisted maxi skirt. Being that this skirt is heavily patterned, it is smart that she kept nearly everything else more on the neutral side. Rather than reaching for the gym pants, this girl knows how to be both comfortable and still stylish enough for a day of classes. This Fashionista adds texture to her ensemble, by choosing this leather crop top. She further adds to her outfit by accessorizing with her personally handmade rings and turquoise choker. Her gladiator sandals are welcoming for the fall, as they combine animal print, browns and gold and are perfect for walking around campus in. She also paired this skirt with a purse that is both functional yet as equally full of color and culture. Overall, this Fashionista knows how to put together an effortless and flowy look perfect for a cool summery day such as this one.

How To: Achieve this look by pairing a crop top with a flowy print high-waisted maxi skirt, a bold over the shoulder bag and a pair of cute gladiator sandals. Do not forget to accessorize with a few rings and a choker necklace to complete your look.