ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boho Chic on the Streets

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boho Chic on the Streets

If you are reading this, I am sure someone once told you that when it comes to accessorizing, “less is more.” I am also sure someone has once said to you, “You can never have too many accessories.” Whichever statement is actually true—I don’t care! This Fashionista is killing it with her jewelry choices, and whether you think she is wearing too much or not enough, you have got to admit that she is rocking this outfit.

This Fashionista is rocking the boho chic look with simple pieces of clothing that still hold a lot of personality.  She is wearing super trendy ripped jeans that every girl owns or wants to own. Your mom may not approve of these jeans (I guarantee you she would say, “Did you buy them like that?”) but when they look this stylish, you just can’t say no. This Fashionista pairs her jeans with a white off-the-shoulder top that was perfect for this abnormal February weather (it was 75 degrees in Pennsylvania!).

Now for this Fashionista’s details… I have said it before and I will say it again—I love gold jewelry. There is something about gold accessories that brings an outfit together and adds a needed glam factor. Especially with this Fashionista’s simple outfit: a white top paired with ripped jeans, the gold really pops and immediately catches the eye.

She adorns her arms with multiple gold bracelets including gold bangles and a gold wrap around bracelet. The bangles add a certain level of elegance to class up her bohemian style while her gold wrap around bracelet with a druzy stone is true to her gypsy spirit.
My favorite piece of this look is her stone, layered lariat-style necklace. The clear stones really embrace her bohemian vibe yet the lariat style adds a certain allurement to the piece. This is definitely a necklace you can wear with a gown to a gala or with a chill outfit like this ensemble.
She finishes off her outfit with a pair of tan, heeled sandals—a must have in any sunny day wardrobe. Along with the sandals, she has on a simple gold necklace that doesn’t overpower the statement piece, and a pair of Ray-Bans, which were definitely needed on this sunny day! Overall, it is safe to say that this Fashionista was slaying in the details and pulled off a trendy, casual campus style!