This Fashionista was walking in front of me when I spotted her coat and (literally) chased her down. Her outerwear immediately caught my attention, and then I noticed her awesome boho bag and comfy yet cute layers. This Fashionista is a pro at boho.

It isn’t always easy to find cute, unique winter coats that are practical but still stylish. Oftentimes, I find that trendy coats aren’t very warm at all. But this Fashionista wore a thick wool-like coat that featured a neutral tribal pattern. She said she got it at a small boutique in Boston—quite the steal.

Her coat was the centerpiece of the look. In fact, it’s what originally caught my attention. The earthy tones of her outerwear allowed the tribal pattern to be more subtle while still letting this Fashionista stand out on campus. The toggle clasps were a nice touch, too.

Her bag, an adorable boho tote from Free People, is a trendy yet practical way to lug around books all day. It added a pop of color and playfulness to her look. The Fashionista also sported a blue scarf, which complemented both her coat and bag.

Finding a stylish and functional winter coat isn’t always easy, but this trendy student proved that it’s completely possible with a bit of searching.

How To: Finding the perfect winter coat can be a hassle, but if you look in the right places, it can be done. To get this Fashionista’s effortless boho look, throw on your new trendy coat, add a colorful scarf and layer up! A cute, unique bag is always a plus, too.