January 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

The weather outside is frightful, but the fashion is truly delightful. The forecast has been quite different in Philadelphia during winter break in comparison to Hampton, VA. As soon as I touched down in town, snow flurries began to fall. Soon enough, there was at least four inches of snow that had stuck to the ground. Though the snow came as a surprise, I found one Fashionista’s ensemble even more surprising. I could not help but think how cool she was for pulling off a cute, casual look in the midst of the cold and snowy weather.

The Fashionista sported a furry and mostly pink sweater with blue jeans. Over top of the ensemble, she wore a beautiful pink peacoat from Express. To complete the ensemble, she accessorized with clear framed sunglasses, a long chained necklace, studded earrings and most importantly, her blue shoes. Her ensemble was pretty in pink from head to ankle. Her selection in shoe was a great way to break up the consistency of her girly pink look. The type of shoe and color that she’d chosen created an overall edgy chic look for the ensemble.

These particular shoes are quite popular with a simple casual look, but this Fashionista wore it differently than the way that it’s done, typically. The shoes act as a stylish sneaker without the laces. They are the perfect choice for being both fashionable and a little sporty all in one.

How To: Are you looking to dress pretty in pink with a twist? Pair a pink sweater and plain blue jeans with a pink pea coat. Playfully accessorize with sunglasses, unique studded earrings and a long chain necklace. The main point of this look is to switch up the consistency of a one hued ensemble with an offset bold-colored shoe. Try a tomboy chic look like this Fashionista for winter 2015.