ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blue Jeans, White Shirt

April 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

A white T-shirt and a pair of classic blue jeans—a minimalistic and casual look fit for everybody. I admired this Fashionisto’s effortless ensemble when I glanced at it, but after a deeper look, I realized there was way more happening in this outfit than what first met the eye. This Fashionisto took this look to the next level with such subtle and intriguing details that you can’t help but stop and stare.

The most captivating piece for me was the not-so-typical T-shirt. The intricate design embedded into the solid white top from Forever 21’s menswear gives the outfit the perfect amount of understated zest. This all-over, sewn-in pattern adds interest, texture and detailing to the outfit, while the color-blocking keeps the simplicity and sharpness of this classic combo.

As we transition from March to April, we also transition from chilly to humid weather, which can be a little frustrating, especially on our campus. A perfect solution for this odd weather is to cuff your jeans, like what this Fashionisto displays. Not only do the rolled-up hems add emphasis to your look and draw your eye to the pants, they also exude cool and give off a relaxed vibe from the wearer. Another solution for this mashed-up weather is the classic beanie, which this Fashionisto paired to match his black watch. All of the attention this Fashionisto paid to detail truly paid off in his RAD #ootd.

How To: This look is pretty simple to master for both Fashionistas and Fashionistas! Any solid colored shirt will do, just be on the hunt for one with either a beaded pattern or a textured feel . Grab your favorite pair of jeans, add a little cuff and you’re almost done. Finish accessorizing with a watch, bracelet or any other jewelry you like. Then, you are ready to use the streets as your runway.