ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bling to Perfection

With the semester coming to an end and finals quickly approaching, it can become difficult to balance your life between studying and sleeping; let alone look presentable to the outside world. But like life itself, fashion is all about finding that right balance. When feeling like your outfit is incomplete, finding that balance of accessories or color can totally perfect your look. Even the simplest outfits can transform into a trendy look by adding the right accessories to it, giving the illusion that you can still look amazing without a whole lot of effort.

This Fashionisto’s look consists of many different accessory pieces and all of them play a role into completing this perfect fall transition look. Hats are the perfect way to top off an outfit (see what I did there?). For any weather condition, an accessory like this felt brimmed hat will prevent any potential bad hair days that might come your way. Continuing on to this sharp look, this Fashionisto added gold accents to his outfit making it the epitome of classic. Gold is a classy, yet simple way to accessorize your look. Keep in mind that adding too much gold might make your look overwhelming if you do decide to mix accessories. This Fashionisto is the perfect example of having the right amount of gold into the mix of different jewelry pieces like his beaded bracelets. It’s always fun to be adventurous with your style!

Another tip to remember is to balance your accessories. If you plan on wearing simple, small or big statement accessories, stick to the same size for consistency. This Fashionisto kept to simple accessories and still made it possible to have them stand out and accent his whole outfit. And who said you can’t wear a hat and sunglasses? Dare to style with some nice Ray-Ban sunglasses that keep the look simple and sleek as ever.

How To: When wanting to add bling to finish off your look, remember that if you want to wear metals, it should only feature one metal at a time. For example, if you plan on wearing a gold necklace, wear a gold bracelet to match. If silver is your forte, match those metals too!