ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blazers For Days

This week I spotted my first Fashionisto, and I could not be more excited! While Kent is known for its fashion program, girls make up the majority of it. Girl power rocks, but there are so many guys on campus who have amazing style. With the weather finally breaking 40 degrees (heat wave!) it was an amazing opportunity for all students to show their style. When my eyes caught this Fashionisto, it’s safe to say I decided I needed to step up my style for that day. Just look how fierce this outfit is!

When thinking of your typical blazer, you are probably thinking black, navy, or gray. I am obsessing over the plaid houndstooth print on this blazer that would work with a number of different looks. Really, who doesn’t love a good houndstooth? This look was great because it also acted as outerwear for this spring day. The textured tie pairs easily with the blazer making this entire ensemble very dynamic. And the pocket square is so classy! The addition of the olive green messenger bag cohesively brings together this collection of muted colors as well. His whole look is without a doubt head to toe, and we surely can not forget about the “toe” in this case. His oxfords are more than a shoe; they are a work of art. Intricate details catch the eye from every angle when viewing this captivating piece.

To take note, the blazer and pants on this Fashionisto are perfectly tailored. In my opinion, having clothes that work for your body is more important than the clothes themselves. You may own the most amazing dress, but it if does not fit or flatter your figure it is not worth the investment. Regardless, his whole look has a classic vintage vibe. Gazing at the pictures too long seems to transport me back to the 1920s. Does anyone else seem to have an urge to go watch The Great Gatsby?

How To: Have a favorite blazer but it is a solid color? As this Fashionisto demonstrates, there are so many options to amp up your look with accessories. Be sure to add a textured or patterned tie, a colored messenger bag, and don’t forget those amazing shoes. Another option would be to add a hat. They are one of my all time favorite accessories and options can be found for each season!