ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blazers, Boots, and Blacks

The winter is all about one thing—layering. We layer everything from sweaters to cardigans to scarves. With all of the layering we have to do, our patterns clash, our eight shades of brown don’t blend well and we start piecing things together that we never thought we would even take out of our closet all just to stay warm. But staying warm doesn’t have to be as much of a tragic fashion fail as we may think.

This Fashionisto I spotted has mastered winter colors and fabrics to make layering look easy. He starts off his look with a classic knit sweater. Is it required to live in the winter with this piece or what? I know all of you Fashionistas/os out there have a great sweater like this. Because his sweater is the only light color in his ensemble, you might think that this would be the piece to stand out, but that isn’t necessarily the case in this look. He adds a staple black blazer over the sweater not to stay warm but to add even more structure to the cream sweater.

On the bottom half of his look, this Fashionisto brings back the fabulous look of leather pants. Leather is such a great material for winter because it just doesn’t work in the summer. It may not be the warmest material but, like this Fashionisto, you can easily layer some black leather Frye boots that flow with his pants to make it look like one single piece. By pairing two leather pieces and having the black blazer on top, it makes the outfit blend instead of looking like your closet threw up on you.

If you want to take the flare even further, add a black hat to top off your winter wardrobe.

How To: This look is so simple to make on your own. All you need are black boots, black pants and some form of black jacket and you’ve recreated this look. Place any piece you want in place of the sweater. Stick with a classic knit or go with your favorite white T-shirt, it’s up to you!