Those 68 degree mornings, pumpkin spice lattes, dark lipsticks and cardigans have been making their way back to Texas. Even though it’s not quite fall yet, wearing layers and darker colors are great ways to transition to cooler styles. This Fashionista shows off her style by using accessories to complement a modest outfit.

One might think it’s too early to bring back such a dark color, like black, but it’s perfect for experimenting with accessories. A simple dress keeps you grounded with a base outfit without having to completely leave your summer closet. Keeping a monochromatic tone focuses  on the colors in the jewelry and the hat.

A hat, like this burgundy fedora, is a timeless component of any outfit. She makes the new color work by matching the black bow trim with the textured clutch and black booties. Keeping that constant base color is a great way to present an organized, chic look, even when introducing another color. She pulls the whole outfit together with a touch of personal flair with her red necklace and earrings. Using a brighter hue of red for her jewelry completes the entire fall look because it balances the darker, wine color of the hat. Even her soft lip color brings a perfect subtle change. This brings us back to the transition factor, not entirely leaving summer behind.

How To: Since fall is right around the corner, try using simple base colors, possibly in darker shades. Make sure the accessories follow a color pattern to keep the entire look organized. Simplicity is key.