ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black

Black is a color that never goes out of style. Any outfit, time, season or occasion—black is always a good idea (okay, maybe not for a wedding but I’m still willing to argue that it can be done). It is also one of those colors that lends itself well to monochromatic looks and layering. Sometimes when it comes to color, less is more; play with patterns and accessories instead and see that all-black doesn’t have to be boring.

This Fashionista knew how to get creative with black. Her monochromatic look consisted of a mid-length black lace dress over a solid black maxi skirt with smaller lace details. The dress was sheer by her shoulders which broke up the color providing some extra detailing and making the one-color look exciting. For added excitement, she accessorized with a delicate antler necklace, knit hat, facial jewelry and deep lipstick shade.

One of the most integral parts of this Fashionista’s look was her knee-high, patent leather combat boots. The edgy boots served as a contrast to her feminine, lace look, but worked well with the all-black frock. In addition to her solid maxi, this Fashionista’s boots toughened up her lace dress, making it perfect for the early spring months.

While it’s still too cold to rock the exposed leg look, try to add a tall pair of boots to your look. That way, you’ll still be able to wear your favorite dresses but your legs will stay covered, keeping you both warm and stylish.

How To: Layers and textures are your friends. Chose some pieces that you love on their own and morph them into an outfit all their own—don’t forget to give the boots and dress look a try!