ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Is The New Black

March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

With the weather here at Penn State becoming less and less cold, students are beginning to explore lighter and warmer outfits. As we’re approaching the last couple of weeks in the semester, students can finally pull out their summer wardrobe and enjoy an outfit that doesn’t consist of a parka and scarf. Although transitioning wardrobes in-between seasons can be hard, you don’t see anyone complaining about the weather warming up!

This Fashionista caught my eye as I noticed her in a rather unconventional look. Showing off an edgy, yet chic outfit, she paired a simple black dress from Urban Outfitters with a leather jacket, which was an excellent choice. Framed around dark shades and accessories, this look features a pair of Clubmaster Ray-Bans. The pair of Steve Madden slip-on sneakers give off a fierce, dominant look that really make the Fashionista stand out.

To complete her outfit, she added some jewelry. Her choices in jewelry give her look a little more of a soft, girly vibe. This creative arrangement, in particular, gives the outfit depth, detail and expresses nothing less than a unique personality. Anyone can throw on a dress and leather jacket, but sporting them both at once shows a stylish and trend-setting mix.

How To: The key to accomplishing an edgy and classy look is pairing items that you wouldn’t necessarily put together. You never know if two pieces of clothing will complement each other, so take a risk and experiment in your closet! It can lead to some really amazing outfits, and you can always keep digging until you find what you’re looking for.