ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Is The New Black

Why does there have to be such a distinct line between daytime and evening looks? We should be able to bring those nighttime pieces we love into the light of day. Combining the two seemingly opposing styles into an outfit of trendy harmony is hard to find, especially in the casual corner of Florida. Achieving that daytime glamour look takes one clever cookie. Let’s try something new; throw on that simple black shift dress that you wore last night and amp up your everyday garb.

The key to this kind of style is to incorporate simple yet opulent accessories with black. Black is the definitive color of the night; black will always be the new black. Everyone needs it in his or her wardrobe, and it will be the most flattering color forever (all hail black). When I happened upon this Fashionista, I knew she had achieved the exact balance of day and evening. With a simple, black, cotton T-shirt dress she could stay cool with the breathability of the fabric, yet emulate the night. The simplicity of it allows her gorgeous accessories to be fully appreciated.

Try investing in some really cool, modern sunglasses with an interesting shape. As they did for this Fashionista, they will create that daytime vibe while grounding the look in a duskier realm. All those pipe dreams of being a ‘90s punk can be partly fulfilled because the choker necklace is back. Try a modern twist on this classic accessory with this Forever 21 leather and stone version for only five bucks. Heighten the look by adding a gold necklace with a simple pendant. Wearing two necklaces adds interest; just make sure they both sit at different lengths, allowing each to be discernable. This Fashionista decided to add continuity to the look by wearing black flats with a gold toe. The metallic toe adds a sense of understated, evening glamour to the look. The knee-high socks add another layer of black that gives the look a final touch of informality. As this Fashionista demonstrates, it is possible to walk the line between day and night in a trendy and cool way. Fashion is about breaking boundaries and turning a blind eye to normalcy.

How To: Can’t figure out how to accessorize a basic T-shirt dress? Throw on that new trendy choker, slip on some flats or wedges with a pop of color and wear some basic tights. You’ll be set to stun both day and night.