ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Is Sleek and Slimming

I caught up with this Fashionista when she was on the way home from a work out at a gym called Equinox. Equinox is a high end gym that the VIP of California attend to work out with some of the country’s best personal trainers. Equinox members not only care about fit bodies, but also fitness fashion as well.

The first trend, noticed in this Fashionista’s workout apparel, is that she is wearing all-black. She is wearing a black T-shirt, plain black leggings and even black boat shoes. Like I said ,she just got back from a high intense killer, cardio workout and the slimming all-black trend does her body justice.

A second trend noticed in this Fashionista’s sporty outfit is that she is complementing the all-black trend with bold bracelets and light and bright colors on her nails. This draws attention to the hands when lifting weights and performing other physical activities in the gym.

How To: For you Fashionistas and Fashionistos at home, if you want to appear slimmer to the public’s eye, then wear all-black from head to toe. All-black has been known to be more professional as well, for any of you that are looking to take this all-black slimming trend back into the office as you finish up those summer internships, or jobs. Another tip is that when wearing all-black, light colors are great for your nails and makeup to complement this look. Your hands and your face can be seen as some of the most feminine aspects of your body and if you want to pull this darkly tragic look off, those are definitely the places you want to look lighter.