‘Tis the season for Christmas movies by the fire, snow boots, hot cocoa, knit infinity scarves and warm coats and accessories. As the fall semester comes to a close and winter break is approaching, the fashion styles have shifted yet again. In the midst of anxiety about finals, it is tempting to wear sweatpants or T-shirts to class, the library or a final. However, if you look semi put together, you will feel better about taking your finals (hopefully). At the very least, you will look like you have it together. Consider an all-black ensemble for a chic, high fashion look with minimal effort required.

Black on black is extremely fashion forward. When you are wearing one color, texture plays a big part in distinguishing one piece from another.  This Fashionista has on black leather leggings with gold zippers that contrast with the soft wool long black peacoat. The gold accent zipper on the leather leggings goes along with the gold encrusted black leather wallet. Underneath the coat is a cotton black sweater. Finally, the suede wedge booties add some height to the look. The unique texture of each piece adds an extra layer of dimension to the look. Despite the colder weather, it is still important to protect your eyes with some stylish dark shades.

How To: Black on black looks great with little effort. Purchase or look through your closet for black pieces of different textures and shapes. Taking inspiration from this Fashionista’s look, wear black leggings or jeans matched with a loose fitting top and black boots or booties. Complete the look with a black leather coat or peacoat. In the summer season consider an all-white classic ensemble!