ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black, Gray and Cozy All Over

During finals week, it’s so easy to want to just throw on a sweatshirt, sweatpants and slippers and call it a day. However, being comfy doesn’t always have to look sloppy. This Fashionista chose to wear a black and gray patterned sweater and solid black circle scarf. The solid on a pattern livens it up a bit rather than solid on solid, even though there is no color in the look. Black and gray never go out of style and are always a great pair.

Wearing a sweater and scarf is a classic college life-hack. You’ll get a ton of compliments about how cute your outfit is, when you know that it was a quick simple look, and you are just as comfy as if you were wearing sweats. The light wash ripped jeans bring a little color and edge to this Fashionista’s style. The socks over the skinny jeans are a cute way to add something extra to the lace-up booties, and also keep warm. Wearing black is not always boring, and being comfortable is not always careless!

How To: This look is a perfect way to be comfortable without looking lazy! If you want to wear these shades, you should wear either a sweater with a pattern and a solid scarf or vice versa! Black and gray don’t always have to be boring, patterns liven them up a lot. A pair of comfy high socks with booties or boots ties the whole look together.