ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black And White Kitty Cats

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” Us Fashionistas on the East Coast are definitely singing this rainy day tune with the amount of gloomy days that we have been having these past couple of weeks. One trick that always shakes those gloomy days is dressing for the day that you wished you were having. Don’t be afraid to experiment with which summertime looks you can bring into early spring and customize to be appropriate for the weather.

This Fashionista definitely practiced this by choosing to wear this black and white mid-length kitty cat detailed dress on one of those rainy campus days. She sports a green checkered flannel with knee-high socks and gray rain boots. As an added accessory she complements the look with a black and white polka-dot umbrella and a silver metal leaf necklace.

The kitty cat detail adds the element of a fun, girly signature that really embodies the entire look. The black and white palette in the details complements the silver gunmetal necklace and gray boots well. Although there are numerous prints that this Fashionista pairs together, they each stand on their own and add their own element to the outfit.

Although its true that cats don’t enjoy rain, it seems that these kitty cats are dealing just fine.

How To: Looking to imitate this look? Select an article of clothing with your favorite animal as its main detail and build your other outfit pieces around it. It may be smart to stick in the realm of neutral colors, as they are easier to build upon.