Strolling through the quad looking very motocross-ready, I spotted this fearless Fashionista evoking the ultimate biker babe –motorcycle not included! Although some may recall the titillation of the military trend in 2010, it is safe to say Biker Fashion is here to stay. It’s all about the details when it comes to mastering biker-chic, the more zips, quilting and padding the better! Grab your girl gang and read on to learn how to adopt this edgy look.

You may think of biker fashion as anything skin tight and black. That’s not necessarily the case so try opting for ripped, slouchy denim. Sample the plethora of denim shorts from Nordstrom or this darker hue from ASOS. Battle the coming elements by adding a sheer pair of tights—CVS is the holy grail for pantyhose. And so it goes without saying that the worn-band T-shirt is a key statement piece for the biker fashion trend. Whether you’re a fan of The Ramones or something a little more heavy metal like Slayer, Hot Topic is the mecca for music T-shirts.

Naturally, no motorcycle look is complete without a motorcycle jacket—false. You can easily grab attention just as this Fashionista does in neutral pieces like this oversized denim jacket by Madewell. Biker boots, having been in fashion for some time now, won’t be terribly difficult to come by. You could consider that a plus, but mass marketing of biker boots means that a lot of very average styles are going to be seen on the streets already. So in order to get motorcycle boots right, look for a statement pair; something that exudes quality and style.

How To: Follow suit after this Fashionista by mixing old with new by adding simple accessories and delicate polish like this one from essie.