January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

In growing cities across the nation, natives often find themselves mimicking the look of New York or Los Angeles locals. The struggle in these cities is usually one of identity: if our style is mostly influenced as opposed to influential, what does that say about us as people?

Something special about Fashionistas across the country is the ability for these locals to make their town’s fashion scene, no matter the population, exactly what they want it to be. Inspiration from NYC and LA might give a road map to fashion in the US, but Fashionistas decide the radio station. This Fashionista did just that: she took a neutral roadmap and added a colorful radio station.

During a New York winter, black and tan trench coat ants line the sidewalks and subways. This Fashionista went above and beyond that winter style foundation. Every bit of her outfit is drenched in unexpected details. Her black and white printed jacket, paired with distressed skinny jeans, adds texture to essential base pieces. Her ebony sidekick adds another layer of movement with a classic quilted pattern. The thin snakeskin belt rounds out an ensemble bursting with character. The most important part of her look is the necessary pop of color. These feminine red loafers mix personality with sophistication. Additionally, her under-rated, matching red nails tie together all of the details that make this style simple, yet mature, yet playful. Like any seasoned creative knows, it’s all in the details.

A large lesson learned from our Fashionista friend is this: big cities know trends, but we know ourselves. Dressing to impress should always leave room for sparks of charm in the personal details.