ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beyonce and Ball Caps

July 20th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beyonce and Ball Caps

Every college student can appreciate a good baseball cap. Ball caps provide a sense of identity protection, style and shelter. I can say that my trusty hats have saved me from many early mornings when I had to rush to get ready for class and needed a hat to save my messy hair.

Luckily for us college students in the past year or two baseball hats have been trending and all kinds of fashion retailers have brought tons of different styles to the market. Now we can sport the classic MLB hat of our choice, but also indulge in a leather version as well. There are endless amounts of styling opportunities with ball caps so they can appeal to any kind of person.

This Fashionista just scored a new baseball cap from Beyoncé’s co-founded athleisure clothing line, Ivy Park that just dropped in April of this year. The collection is simplistic, bold and monochromatic.

Honestly, celebrities have the same motives around wearing their ball caps in public as normal Fashionistas do! We all want to add an element of mystery and are hiding something. Celebs are trying to hide their famous faces, while college students are hiding their bad hair days and tired eyes.

The black and white baseball hat that this Fashionista sports is the statement piece for her minimalist outfit. It is plain to see that this outfit is not so plain after all with the addition of the cap. She keeps it cool for summer classes with a black tank top, jean shorts, backpack and gray Converse.

How To: Not sure how to dive into this sporty spice look? Try wearing a simple cap with a casual dress with Birkenstocks or Converse. Throw on a jean jacket and you are ready for anything in your effortlessly cool look.