It can be daunting enough for the average college male to go the extra mile to dress in more than a pair of cargo shorts and a T-shirt for the summer. However, when it comes to a seasonal job or even a formal gathering, it is essential to have a dressy style that is top notch. Why go for the typical shirt and tie look when a nice vest could be worn instead? A vest not only complements the basic dress shirt, but it also adds sophistication and flair to any formal outfit.

Looking composed and confident, this Fashionisto is absolutely nailing the vest look at its best. He starts out with a plain black dress shirt and adds plain black slacks to the outfit, as black is a very slim-fitting and polished color to wear for practically every occasion. To contrast all of the black he is wearing, this Fashionisto throws on a gray vest with small black buttons running down its front. The gray stands out very nicely with his black ensemble, and the small buttons on its front pick out the black that makes up the rest of his outfit.

To complete his look, this Fashionisto slips on a pair of glossy black dress shoes and a Burberry wide-faced watch with a detailed, gray checked band. Black, of course, is the running color theme for this outfit, so why not throw black dress shoes into the mix? The watch adds a bit of accessory to his overall appearance and picks up the gray in the vest. The watch might just be a small accessory, but it is certainly the biggest way to tie his classy look together while giving off a masculine edge.

How To: Going to a summer wedding or heading in for a day of work? Then feel no fear in sporting the vest! A vest comes in a variety of colors and styles, so feel free to be bold! Be sure to stick to one color with the rest of the outfit, and let the vest do the talking!