ALL IN THE DETAILS: Belt Your Heart Out

June 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

If there’s one accessory that we should all have in our closet, it’s a belt. Commonly used to cinch in your waistline, to create dimension to a blah ensemble or to simply be an adorable addition to your already perfected look of the day, belts are as diverse as a chameleon.

This Fashionista is rockin’ a classic cowgirl-inspired belt. She paired it with a simple white T-shirt and a gorgeous beige knee-length skirt. The beauty of this outfit is that all eyes are on the belt. The star of the night is not the sneakers, the Ray-Bans or the leather tote – it is the woven belt. Why is this piece so crucial to this outfit (or any outfit, for that matter)? It completes the look. Sure, this would be a perfectly cute outfit for lunch out with your girlfriends or a quick trip to the mall, but what takes this outfit from a nine to a 10 is the detailing and the colours of this awesome accessory. The woven intricacies are a whirlwind for the naked eye and the beautiful colour of the belt looks like something straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue. In fact, this whole look is very Lauren-esque. From the neutral colour schemes to the fact that you could probably run off to a ranch (while looking stunning, mind you), make this somewhat simplistic outfit a showstopper.

If you’re feelin’ this particular look, then grab a white T-shirt, throw on some white kicks, a neutral coloured skirt and do not forget about the most important piece: the holy grail belt. Grab a leather handbag (the bigger, the better) and your favourite pair of shades and head out the door, but be prepared for many compliments coming your way.

How To: Be daring with your belt choice. While this Fashionista is going for an outdoorsy look, if you prefer a fancier feel, then swap the braided belt for a swankier one.