ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty and the Shoes

As the bitter cold drags on, I constantly view a sea of black outfits across campus. I daydream of spring’s arrival, bringing warmer weather and bright colors. For now, my eyes silently plead for any patch of color to emerge from this dreary winter day. Having said that, spotting this Fashionista on her way to class in bright, vivid colors was so exciting. Her cheery sneakers really made my day.

This Fashionista’s sneakers are vibrant in color and are decorated with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast theme. They have a beautiful stained glass appearance. One shoe is decorated with a castle while Belle and the Beast waltz together on the other. The slip-on style of the sneakers is the ideal when you’re rushing to class in the morning. What better way to pair comfy sneakers than with equally comfortable distressed skinny jeans? The jeans match flawlessly with this Fashionista’s green sweater. The light sweater material gives her the right amount of coverage against the wind, but it is not too bulky for her figure. Her pink and mauve The North Face jacket gives off a warm vibe to fight off the frosty air. To top off her look, she carries her heavy books in her bright blue Under Armour backpack. Overall, this Fashionista makes a stylish statement with her colorful outfit and vivid sneakers.

Sneakers bring comfort and coolness (or warmth) every season. They come in many different shades and even character themes like The Simpsons. Prints, like checkerboard, leopard and floral, are a must-have. Overall, until spring officially arises, make sure you walk to school in your cool, but not cold, sneakers.

How To: Wear your favorite distressed jeans, light sweater and warm jacket with a pair of comfy and fashionable sneakers.