ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty And The Boots

Spring is in the air my friends and with it comes the promise of sunshine, rollerblading and ice cream cones on the Terrace. It is also the season of puddles and ever-changing weather. You wake up to 40-degree mornings, complete with fog and a slight drizzle, and leave class in beautiful, 50-degree sunshine. With these meteorological mood swings in mind, it can become a little tricky to get ready in the morning.

This Fashionista takes on the crazy weather with her tan sweater, black vest and emerald green scarf. After the sun finally peaks out from behind the clouds, sunglasses are a necessary additional to this preppy look. What is most important to her outfit, though, are her boots. Riding boots are every girl’s spring go-to accessory. While rain boots are great for extremely rainy days, they are not always the best boot for a casual day of school. Rain boots are heavy and often-times difficult to maneuver in. The lighter weight riding boots are less clunky and won’t cause your feet to sweat as you hike up steep hills. Offering just the right amount of warmth and protection from the rain, riding boots are my favorite look for this season.

How To: Love the riding boot look but don’t know how to style them with your outfit? Start with either leggings or skinny jeans that can be tucked into your boots. Next, take a cute sweater or long sleeve shirt and layer a cozy vest over the top. For cooler days, adding a scarf or a cute beanie will keep you a little bit warmer.