ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty and the Body Chain

I don’t know about you guys, but I swear my closet shrinks every time I open it. I could literally purchase the entirety of Forever 21 and still feel like I have nothing to wear. Even as my room slowly turns into a combat zone of clothes strewn across my floor, I will refuse to admit that I do, indeed, have a large enough wardrobe. I’ve realized that no matter how many different outfits I own, I’ll eventually get tired of them. So, how do I keep my ensembles looking fresh and exciting without completely evaporating my wallet? One word: accessories.

By adding various pieces jewelry, outerwear, hats, shoes or scarves to an outfit, you can effortlessly transform your look. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt could easily have you looking edgy and chic by adding some combat boots and throwing on a leather jacket. You could then give yourself a brand new, preppy vibe just by switching out the boots for flats, trading in your leather jacket for a crisp button down and finishing it off with a sparkly statement necklace.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect example of how a simple outfit, like this gray two-piece set, can be spiced up with a few, fun accessories. She added a gold body chain to bring a focal point to the outfit and to bring a flirty vibe to the muted palette of the look.  By coordinating the color of her other jewelry, the outfit comes together in a cohesive way. To finish it off, her big, floppy hat makes her ensemble feel younger and fresher while keeping it totally chic at the same time. Anyone can throw on a skirt and a shirt, but this Fashionista’s expertise in the art of accessorizing transforms this outfit from “cute, but I’ve seen that before” to “Who is this girl and how can I look exactly like her?”

How To: Worried about overdoing it with the accessories and looking like that grandma with the giant, gaudy jewelry and bright blue eyeshadow? (Yes, we’ve all seen her before). Try picking one accessory to be the star of the show, and then just add a few more pieces to complement it.