ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beanie There, Done That

Ah, Florida weather. Florida weather is notorious for being absolutely crazy and unpredictable, especially during this time of year. One day it may feel like the middle of summer, and the next day you may feel a crisp chill in the air. On the days when the Florida heat does decide to cool down a little bit all of the Florida Fashionistos and Fashionistas can add more fall elements to their outfits. Even though it doesn’t ever get cold enough to wear heavy duty cold weather clothes, we still find ways to add cozy touches to our normal warm weather attire.

This Fashionisto added some flair to his outfit by adding a beanie. Beanies are a simple way to keep warm and also look fashionable. A beanie can take the most basic of outfits and elevate them to another level. The key to rocking a beanie is positioning it correctly on your head. This Fashionisto wore his over his ears and just let his hair in the front peak out. This both a stylish and practical way to wear a beanie.

This look is sleek and polished because this Fashionisto stuck with a neutral color scheme. He is wearing black shorts, gray Vans with black socks, and a classic black watch. The pattern on his shirt stands out but isn’t too overwhelming. Accessorizing always looks great when you stick with a cohesive aesthetic.

How To: Is your outfit too simple? Do you want to make it more fashionable, but don’t know where to begin? Add a beanie! Beanies are the most casual of all the members of the hat family and are great to throw on to complete a look. They especially look great if they match the color scheme of the outfit that you are wearing.