ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beanie There, Done That

This Fashionista portrays a casual, yet outdoorsy look with her outfit choice. As a Wisconsin girl, she is wearing the perfect colors for the cool temperatures. Her oversized sweater provides her with warmth and comfort while also making a statement with the bold burst of color. Her leggings, from American Eagle Outfitters, are extremely comfortable and match perfectly with her gray boots from Maurice’s. This outfit is perfect for a variety of events ranging from footballs games to coffee dates. The centerpiece of this look, however, is all in the beanie.

The gray beanie, from Zumiez, helps to show off this Fashionista’s spunky personality. It gives her a hipster look and the gray color is perfect to match any outfit choice. Greasy hair? Running late to class? Not a problem! Throw on a beanie and you’ll look fresh and fierce no matter what. It is the perfect transition piece from fall to winter, since it keeps the head warm and still is trendy. The beanie rests perfectly on the head to still show off a cute hairstyle. While this Fashionista shows off the straight-hair look, beanies also look great with wavy hair to give off a chill vibe. It is perfect for class and running errands.

How To: Even when winter ends, there is no need to throw it in the closet for next year. The beanie is perfect for the summer months as well. It looks hip with high-waisted shorts and a tank top, and goes great with beach waved hair.