Black and white are two colors that will forever go together flawlessly. For me, wearing a head to toe black and white outfit makes me feel ultra chic and I feel like I’m channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn. It’s safe to assume that I have more than 10 black and white striped shirts in my closet and it’s also safe to assume I won’t stop there. From turtlenecks to crop tops, black and white stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, are basically the best.

I recently bought a black and white shirt dress at Forever 21, but shortly thereafter shrank it in the wash. Now it’s pretty much a tunic, so I’ve taken to wearing it with black skinnies and some heeled booties. This Fashionista’s look reminded me a lot of my creation, so I appreciated that we were on the same fashion wavelength.

This Fashionistas shirt is long enough to wear with leggings, but not quite long enough to wear without anything on your legs. Wearing leggings instead of jeans is alright in my book, but only when your top is on the longer side. Her high-top Converse keep the visible ankle skin to a minimum, which is perfect for those chilly and windy fall days. Her cute silver accessories add some sparkle to the monochromatic look, which keeps it interesting. The focal point of this outfit, though, would definitely be the beanie.

A knitted beanie like this Fashionistas can be the answer to your fall wardrobe dilemmas. With a neutral color scheme, a simple beanie is a clever way of adding some texture to the whole ensemble. Windy fall days can be horrible to both exposed ears and freely flowing hair, so a beanie is a great solution to both. Hats are always a go-to for bad hair days, so throw one on when your locks just can’t be tamed.

How To: Styling a beanie might be the simplest thing you do all semester. Rock a beanie with a monochromatic look like this one for fall or wear it with a heavy coat, winter boots and a scarf for a comfy, wintery get up.