What is versatile enough for anyone at anytime? From the cold, windy days to the early mornings you don’t want to even fix your hair, beanies are the perfect accessory. The pop of color in this Fashionista’s ensemble is definitely what stood out from the crowd of students during passing. If it wasn’t for her bright, tie-dyed beanie, she might not have caught my eye.

Beanies are a great alternative to baseball caps, floppy hats and other hats that do not keep you warm. This accessory is a prime example of an urban asset in your attire. The structure and fit of any typical beanie is the best choice to hide a bad hair day or even emphasize an awesome hair day. This Fashionista rocks her gorgeous highlighted curls and hoop earrings with her HUF beanie.

After encountering the rad design of her beanie, I realized her attire screamed knits all throughout. What I loved about this outfit, other than the beanie, was the texture of her white, knit V-neck. Her beanie was not just a component of her outfit but it also encompassed the use of knits that were seen throughout her layering.

How To: Don’t be scared to rock this timeless trend. Try a subtle, navy blue colored beanie or a bold black beanie first. This tip will you match your hat with almost any outfit! If you want to challenge yourself, try other types of beanies such as ribbed knit beanies, fold over beanies and pom beanies. Collect all the beanie (babies)!