ALL IN THE DETAILS: Be Together, Not The Same

A huge part of our college experience is made up of the organizations we join. Whether it be a sorority, a club or an internship, organizations come with uniforms. But when everyone is wearing the same exact shirt as you, how can you differentiate yourself and truly make the uniform yours?

This Fashionista is in a co-ed engineering fraternity called Theta Tau. This fraternity currently has a predominantly male population, so their shirts are not exactly geared for girls. This Fashionista combats this by personalizing her co-ed fraternity shirt with some smart accessories. What especially caught my eye in her outfit was the coordinating combination of bracelets and a Marc Jacobs watch that she wore on her arm. The gold and leather accents in this piece elevated the organization’s classic and casual baseball T-shirt. This addition is the perfect way to give a feminine flair to an otherwise unisex shirt.

In addition to her chic jewelry, she wears a pair of stylish buckle cutout suede booties and a pair of dark wash boyfriend jeans.The suede booties make her look distinguished and the low heel makes her whole outfit more fashionable. Meanwhile, the informal but contemporary jeans are the perfect balance between the outfit’s trendy look and comfortable feel.

All of these elements put together show off her personal style while still maintaining a level of homogeneity with the rest of her brothers.

How To: Get this look by wearing your organization shirt with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans, some heeled booties, a cute ensemble of bracelets and a sleek watch.