ALL IN THE DETAILS: (Bathing) Suit and Tie?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: (Bathing) Suit and Tie?

Spring is just around the corner, so do you really need an excuse to wear a bathing suit? It may be 40 degrees in Ohio, but this Fashionista cranked up the heat to pull this look off.

If you’re still a bit skeptical about bathing suits being appropriate for wear all year round, take her advice: it’s a thing.

The outfit is so simple yet calls for attention in the best ways. This Fashionista chose to wear black on black, and as a girl who’s closet is as dark as night, I’m a huge fan.

The bathing suit doesn’t call attention to itself as a get up for the pool but instead disguises itself as a bodysuit perfect for the daytime. Although casual, the jean jacket adds spice to the outfit and a little bit of color to make things pop.

She definitely exudes a carefree easygoing vibe with the Adidas sneakers but adds just the right amount of flare with her silver accented accessories.

Overall, I love the black on black, and the jean jacket and Adidas sneakers give it the edge it needs to stand out. Paired with the perfect accessories (i.e. the black tie choker and black and silver belt), this looks transitions from pool time to party time.

Luckily for all you Fashionistas/Fashionistos out there it doesn’t take much to create this look on your own. The focal point of this outfit is the bathing suit. Find yourself a fun top with a quirky, fun phrase on it and you’re ready to go!