All In The Details: Bare Necessities

Living in a place where you get to experience all four seasons is magical. Mother Nature keeps us on our toes here in Virginia. She leaves us sad to see one season go, but brings instant happiness as the next begins to roll in. Fall is next in line and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the changing leaves, cooler weather, football season and most importantly, my fall wardrobe!

However, the one problem is getting to the point of full-fledged fall weather. I wasn’t kidding when I said Mother Nature keeps us on our toes and this without a doubt leaves Fashionistas here stuck on what to wear. This transition period is difficult and I’ve found that keeping it simple and minimalistic is the way to go this time of year. As much as I’m ready to pull out the leggings, boots and jackets it’s not time yet.

The morning might start out cool but by noon it ends up being 75 degrees. In order to avoid getting too hot, going for something lightweight is still an excellent option. However, since the day begins cooler pairing a sleeveless or light cotton top with longer pants is a smart move. This Fashionista owned her minimalistic look. She rocked a transitional and clean ensemble despite the climate change throughout the day. She pulled this look off by keeping it simple, bright and bold. Her quarter length sleeves on her dress were perfect for this time of year. They can keep her warm in the early morning but by the afternoon she’s still left feeling easy, breezy and beautiful as the weather heats up. The Fashionista focuses the attention of her outfit on the patterned scarf that contrasts nicely against the bold navy blue of the dress. Her shoes are a simple, brown sandal. Sandals are a go-to item even for this time of year because of how comfortable they are and because of how they balance out transition outfits for in between seasons.

How To: If you feel like you can’t commit to wearing a dress all day, start off trying a minimalistic, transitional approach with a solid tank, favorite jeans, patterned scarf and open-toed shoes.