Dealing with the California heat can make it difficult to dress up. You have to make sure you aren’t wearing too many layers of clothing unless you want to feel like you’re in a sauna all day, which is not comfortable. Keeping a “less is more” mentality is the best way to go, until the Santa Ana winds start to kick in. Unfortunately, less doesn’t always cut it. You may just feel like dressing up a little extra for school or may have to look top notch for a presentation. You have to shine like no five dollar disco ball ever could, and this Fashionista is going to show you how!

She bunches up her simple pieces and makes it a statement! This fabulous chambray jumper she’s rocking is already such a statement that if she wore statement jewelry, it would have been OTT (over the top). This Fashionista does a marvelous job of adding the perfect amount of Alex and Ani bracelets for her arm candy action. Those bracelets are so in right now! Kind of like those charm bracelets that were trending years ago. This savvy Fashionista is also rocking an engraved necklace that adds more spice to the outfit.

Last but definitely not least is the handbag that pulls the Fashionista’s entire look together. The fringe details make it a statement all on its own, which is perfect for the look this California babe is going for.

How To: Wearing an outfit that is printed or has a busy look and don’t know how to accessorize? Wear a handful of bangles and you’re good to go!