ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bangin' Bangles

Being able to to get to know someone by what they are wearing is a unique skill; it is an even harder task to be the one trying telling your story in silence. Recently, I have been drawn to the new trend of “symbolic” bangles. Each bangle acts as a puzzle piece to the owner’s life; not to mention, they are stylish and fun to wear with any outfit. These simple bangles are a perfect chic base with a small charm, making them perfect for any occasion. When you want to add a little bit of personality to your look without being too bold or overwhelming, slap on as many or as few of these sleek little accessories and you’re ready to go.

This Fashionista decided to layer two of these unique bangles with her outfit to bring out her personality in her typical everyday outfit. She wore one bangle that represents her sorority and where she currently calls home. To make it even more special, she paired it with a seashell bangle that reminds her of where she came from before starting her journey at college. Just by adding two simple bracelets to her look, she was able to show details about who she is without having to say a word. I am completely obsessed with this trend; I think it is so uniquely customizable and such a fun thing to look out for people wearing in your classes to learn a bit more about them.

How To: Have any bangles or bracelets that have a little bit of personality, but are a bit to dull to wear on their own? Or do you want to start adding a bit of flare to your outfits with jewelry accents? Have no fear. Charm bangles are the perfect stepping stone and layering piece for any Fashionista. Pair as many charmed bangles with regular bangles or other simple bracelets as you want—the sky is the limit. Collect charms that speak to different parts of your personality and when you wear them all together, try to create a pattern of alternating a charm bangle with a regular bracelet so each charm can be easily displayed.