When thinking of bandanas, J Howard Miller’s political statement poster “We Can Do It!” always comes to mind. Whether it’s used as a headband, scarf or political statement; bandanas have faded in and out of style for over decades. So what’s so special about these colorful patterned pieces of cloth? They have the ability to shake up any look within minutes from plain to playful.

This stylish student is owning his rock ’n roll vibe with an army green jacket, black hoodie and dark wash denim. He pairs his look with bold accessories such as a hot pink and american flag bandana along with a Ninja Turtle watch. His unique style could make almost any Fashionista do a double take.

There are endless options when it comes to bandanas. Since there is a wide variety of bandanas to choose from, it easy to make this look your own. Some of my favorite bandanas include brightly colored, crazy patterned and dark toned neutrals.

How To: Have some old bandanas hanging around the house? Tie them around the straps of your backpack to give your school look a bit of a flare. If backpack detailing is not your cup of tea, you could always use a bandana as an edgy headband or as some stylish arm candy. Tie one around your neck as a quirky bow tie or swap out your shoe laces with bandanas for an unexpected twist. Bandanas could be transformed into almost any accessory. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it!