ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bandana Bonanza

Paisley is plastered all over the summer of 2015! Now, I realize that the word “paisley” may cause some of you to cringe, thinking of middle school memories where you proudly toted around your pink and yellow Vera Bradley purse and offered the world a brace-filled smile. But let’s stay on track. Luckily, those (awkward, hormonal, dark) days are gone, and not unlike our eyeliner skills, this trend has gotten better with time. The bright paisley has been kicked to the curb and traditional bandana-style paisley has taken its place!

This week’s Fashionista has quickly taken to this trend! If you wander into a mall anytime soon, it won’t take you long to spot an item of clothing that features a paisley pattern. It can be found on pocket T-shirts, T-shirt dresses, and even trim work. The one worn by this Fashionista brings together the crop top and off-the-shoulder look, a truly magical combination. The lightweight material will keep you feeling cool and the pattern will keep you looking cool!

This Fashionista made the decision of pairing her crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans in a classic denim wash—a good decision, indeed! It pairs well with the traditional paisley bandana pattern and works nicely in the summer time since they aren’t too dark. Her boots offer even more visual interest to this outfit with the zipper detailing. Unexpected twists to casual booties are always an added bonus!

She continues to bring more exciting elements to this look, such as her pearl ear jackets and her faux raccoon tail keychain. Put it all together, and voila! The perfect outfit has been born!

How To: The key when it comes to paisley is finding the right print. I recommend sticking to the traditional blues, reds, and blacks that are commonly seen on bandanas. Otherwise, you could be inches away from the aforementioned dark days of middle school! Keep it classic and find an item that best suits your style. There are so many options and ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, so get to shopping!