With the weather setting an all-time record for weirdest trends, ranging from deathly hot to raining to shockingly cold in a matter of seconds, there are very few parts of your outfit that can remain stable. Sweaters are great for the low dips, but become your worst enemy the second that thermometer spikes. Shorts always seem like a good idea, but then one thing leads to another and you find yourself shivering in search of a blanket. With all of this insane inconsistency, it is crucial to recognize parts of your wardrobe that can remain stable. Luckily, one of the best accessories can often match whatever weather it is: your bag for the season.

It is understood that bags are more of an investment piece, something you’re not stocking up on as much as your favorite white T-shirt. Bags are more expensive and honestly take up a lot more room in your closet. When buying your bag for the season, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First thing is the timeline. Consider how often and for how long you will want to be carrying this bag. If you are going for a year-round look, it is best to stay neutral. If you are willing to splurge so your bag is very in season, then you can purchase one based on colors that you wear often and that you know will be trending while you’re wearing it.

This Fashionista did an exceptional job of pairing her bag with the perfect outfit. Her rather seasonal bag matched almost exactly with her sweater. To avoid looking too matchy matchy, she paired it back with some simple boyfriend jeans and clean sandals. Being that her bag hits lower on her body, there is no disruption between her sweater and bag. Instead of one major focus in the outfit, the entire thing just balances well together.

How To: Nervous that your bag will not be wearable as much as you’d like? Start with a neutral colored bag and notice how often you are wearing it and with which colors it looks best with.