ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back(pack) to School

With fall semester beginning and class back in full swing, everyone is settling back into routine. The hardest decision of the day, though, is what to wear. I constantly find myself standing in front of my closet, 10 minutes before I need to walk out the door, contemplating what to wear. The struggle between being comfortable and looking fabulous when deciding what to wear around campus is one I face daily. Trying to find that balance is key.

A backpack is the only thing that I know I will be for sure wearing. Most of my outfits are centered on the fact that I will be wearing my backpack all day. Pulling off an outfit with a brightly colored, loud backpack is not the easiest task (believe me, mine is bright purple.) However, this Fashionista seems to have nailed the art.

At the center of her outfit is a fabulous red Henri Bendel jetsetter convertible backpack. The key to looking chic on campus is starting with your backpack. Try for a fabric like leather or nylon, instead of traditional cotton, to make your look more polished. I also love bags with embellishments, like the lock on this one, because they add a little something extra to the backpack.

This Fashionista perfectly pairs her backpack with a gray dress. If your backpack is a bright color, such as red, do not let your outfit compete with your backpack. Stick to neutral or duller colors, and look to your accessories to pull your outfit together. Our Fashionista complements her backpack with a red flannel knotted around her waist, tying her outfit in with her backpack without causing the two to compete with each other. She finished her outfit off with a pair of sensible white sneakers that are great for all the walking she will be doing on campus.

How To: The key to this look is making sure your outfit does not compete with your backpack, but instead complements it. Remember to stick to neutrals, but tie the pieces together with accessories and accents. Balance is always key to getting the perfect look.