ALL IN THE DETAILS: Backpack Attack

It’s no surprise that school is back in session. We are all back in the swing of exams, essays, quizzes, etc. Who said that just because school is boring, that our wardrobe has to be too? This week, I chose to focus on how to make your backpack fun, unique, bright and exciting.

This Fashionista sports a bright red leather backpack. Not only does this give any outfit a bit more color and fun but it brightens up the day a little. No one wants to see your boring adidas backpack anymore. Spice it up and find something fun. This Fashionista complemented the bold red backpack with a brown fur vest and a plain simple black outfit. The simplicity of the outfit helps bring out the boldness of the red backpack. This backpack is a pivotal piece in the outfit because it brings together a simple outfit, color and fur; three of my favorite things. The boldness of the backpack’s color also makes the winter a bit less dreary. If you ask me, boring backpacks are out and fun ones are in. Don’t be the only one stuck with a boring black backpack. Find one that is versatile, trendy and unique.

Fun backpacks can be bedazzled, colorfultextured or even with a graphic. No matter what the feature is, don’t let your backpack be boring. Make going to class fun and trendy. After all, we aren’t even halfway through the semester. We may as well make it trendy if we can.

How To: 
Looking for a new way to spice up your outfit? Try seeking out vintage shops or thrift stores for old or unique backpacks. Pair a simple outfit with a bold backpack and you are ready to go, looking fabulous as ever. This is the perfect accessory to any school day look.