All In The Details: Back to Black (And White)

Hello Fashionistas/os! Can you believe it is already spring? Spring is my favorite season, because the weather is so nice—not too cold and not too hot. Spring fashion is also one of my favorites. You can still throw on a jacket to complete an outfit, rock a pair of jeans or throw on a light long sleeved shirt.

In this post, this Fashionista rocks the black and white look. After all, neutral colors are the best colors, am I right? Details and layering are always key when piecing an outfit together. Throwing on a black denim jacket is a nice twist instead of your everyday blue denim jacket. Keeping the black and white vibe going is a nice and refreshing look.

This Fashionista wears a long, white flowy tank top that pairs very nicely with the black denim jacket. Since the jacket is short and the tank top is long and flowy, it creates a nice, layered look. Paired with black skinny jeans and some adidas Superstars, this outfit is a perfectly put together neutral colored outfit. It’s a cute look to go out and hang out with friends. It’s a casual look with a cute spin. To complete this look, this Fashionista adds a Giving Keys necklace to add a finishing touch.

How To: Black and white is key to get this look. Pairing together a black jacket with a white top and black jeans, with some black and/or white sneakers is how you can achieve this look! Throw on a long chained necklace, (whether it be a key or some other pendant), and there you go! You have achieved the simple, cute and casual black and white look.