Who said jackets had to be for winter? If there is one fall style must, it is layering. Layering outfit pieces not only provides you with tons of color and pattern options, but it also helps you create a personal look that you can own. A lightweight, stylish jacket can be thrown over just about anything: a shirt, a blouse or a tank (just to add some options). If you want an outfit that is going to stand out this fall season, a dressy lightweight jacket is definitely the way to go.

With it being the month of October, the black color is definitely back in style. It’s not as if black ever goes out of style, however dark colors are associated with the colder months as lighter colors such as pink are associated with the warmer months.

Our Fashionista pictured here really knows how to create an outfit using a tweed knit jacket and the color black. She starts her outfit by wearing a patterned blouse in mauve, strategically using a color other than black in order to make the rest of her black pieces stand out. The black pattern on the blush-colored blouse aids in the matching black of the rest of her outfit. She pairs her patterned blouse with black high-rise jeans, which are a fall must both for their color and relaxed fit. She layers the black knit jacket over her blouse in order to keep herself warm from the brisk breeze of autumn as well as to add yet another stylish component to her outfit.

What look wouldn’t be complete without the shoes? In order to stick with the black colored theme, this Fashionista wears snakeskin flats that are fused with black and tan colors. While the snakeskin print is definitely in for this fall, the colors match the blush and black color scheme, as well . The pointed-toe style of her flats only adds to the sophistication of her outfit. She accessorizes her outfit with silver pieces: crystal earrings and a silver bow ring. Her round crystal earrings dress up her outfit nicely and the bow-shaped ring adds a fun little touch to an outfit that is full of class.

How To: Afraid the lapel jacket is too dressy to put with many outfit pieces? Adding a casual sleeveless shell underneath and black leggings is a great way to dress it down! Stick to one color scheme and you have nothing to fret.