ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back to Basics

I came across this Fashionista on a somewhat chillier summer day, and instantly knew I had to write about her outfit. Why, you might ask? This look is different than most I see written about because it’s exactly what you wouldn’t expect. This Fashionista’s look is casual, comfy and perfectly undone. Her use of basics like black leggings and a graphic T-shirt are very simple, but she brings the look together by adding an ankle bracelet and by tying a trendy sweater around her waist.

Oftentimes, people think of basic outfits built with leggings and a T-shirt as not being as cute or pretty as other trendier looks. However, this Fashionista knew what she was doing with accessories and managed to make her simple outfit a stand out one. By adding an ankle bracelet and cool sandals, she added sparkle and interest to the look. Additionally, the sweater brings another element of interest, and having it tied around her waist is ultra-trendy.

Another factor that brings this look together is the color scheme. This Fashionista kept it fairly monochromatic, with gray and black worn consistently throughout the outfit. However, the crisp ivory of her sweater breaks up the look a bit, providing an almost pop of color. Overall, I admire how this Fashionista knew how to turn a basic lazy day outfit into something pretty and attention getting. Her attention to detail in her use of accessories and color schemes takes her look to the next level.

How To: To take inspiration from this Fashionista’s comfy outfit, start with a simple pair of black leggings and your favorite graphic T-shirt. Accessorize with one or two pieces of jewelry, and add a pop of color to your look. This Fashionista used a sweater, but your look could include anything from funky sunglasses to a rain jacket!