Whoever said that showing a little too much back was risqué, must have never seen this Fashionista’s classic, yet totally casual ensemble. This fall’s back-to-school trend: open-back shirts with strappy bralettes.

As we jump into school and temperatures start cooling down, our styles start to change. This Fashionista knew exactly what to wear this week as the summer winds down and the fall blows in. Summer has been known as the season for the more revealing shorts and crop tops, while fall is more known for more modest ripped boyfriend jeans and scarves.

This Fashionista managed to find a good way to make it through the awkward transition between summer and fall. The open-back shirt and hat are just enough to cool down in the August heat, while the jeans provide enough warmth for the rainy days. She added her own twist by finding some bling already attached to the back of her shirt for a more edgy and formal look. Not only that, but she found the most flawless floppy hat and vintage John Lennon styled sunglasses to tie the whole outfit together.

This week’s Fashionista created a sexy, yet chic look with only a few accessories and a little bit of skin. It is modest enough to wear to class, but appealing enough to catch the eye of any cutie on your first day.

How to: Pair a loose open-backed tank top with a strappy bralette and your outfit is pure gold. Add a cute boho hat and some braided bracelets to add your own special flare. There are so many possibilities with this outfit! Free People and Victoria’s Secret have a wide array of options for the strappy bralettes.