It’s where classy meets casual. It’s where men’s attire transitions into feminine style. Yes, I am in fact talking about my favorite type of shirt, besides frat shirts of course. Insert the hair flipping emoji, anyone? Button-up collars make an ordinary girl look like a CEO is taking her yacht out for the weekend. Is that a bad thing? No.

Besides this Fashionista having the ability to show as much cleavage as she wants, her top is also pink. Although I did not spot her on campus on a Wednesday, basic girls everywhere love rocking this color since they exited the womb when their mothers put a little pink bow in their hair to avoid a stranger asking if it’s a boy. This style will always be flattering to the girls with a slight hourglass figure, or a generally long stature.

Pairing this collar with some black and gold accessories is a bright idea, considering there is an entire song named after those two colors. The plain shirt and short combination allows for some funkier styled shoes and bracelets. Matching those shoes, belt and bracelet is a must, considering even the opposite sex understands to match their dress shoes and belt. Her detailed chunky bracelet complements any skin tone too. The sunglasses will be necessary for these days in Arizona until those two weeks in winter come when the entire city freaks out about the weather dropping below 60. This Fashionista knows how to be classy, as demonstrated by her color-block kate spade purse. Take notes.

How To: It is fairly simple to imitate this outfit, by simply walking into any slightly upper-end store. If you walk into an Express, Zara or any department store, I would have no doubt that they carry a variety of fitted button-up collars, in every color of the rainbow. They also carry statement piece jewelry to spice up any boring outfit. The sandals this Fashionista is rocking won’t be out of style anytime soon, meaning you can snatch a pair from any shoe store too. Finally, go out and treat yourself to a designer bag. Every college girl deserves to have one of those.